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Trailrunning races in Luxembourg in January 2021

This trail calendar includes the dates of all races considered as trailrunning races in Luxembourg, as well as the additional "trailrunning-typed" races of more than 7km flat. Use the filters to find the events that match your needs. Create an account to add a race to your personal agenda : it will appear as a future race on your personal page. Races whose results are already encoded lead directly to the ranking, with the Betrail performance index. Is there a date missing? The red button allows you to add a missing trail.
Country : Luxembourg 
Date : MONTH_1 2021 
1 events
(3 races)

Trailrunning races in Luxembourg in January 2021

Trail calendar Luxembourg   Trailrunning race in January 2021 > X-Trail des Ardennes (Wiltz)

X-Trail des Ardennes

9501 Wiltz
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