The Castle Trail Day in La-Roche-en-Ardenne

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The first edition was a success, how is coming the 2nd one?

We should receive the same number of participants. So we are preparing ourselves to welcome about 800 people.

How is this second edition different from the first one?

The loops are longer and the difference in height is more important. So the cross is more technical than last year.

Moreover, we have taken into account the remarks received last year. The food supplies will be more filled with salty food. The paths on the road have been reduced as much as possible, so the cross is even more focused on nature.

We also propose cryotherapy and massage at the finish line.

So the trailers are pampered, but we heard that you also take care of the accompanying persons?

Indeed, with the loops principle, friends and family can see and support the trailers several times while enjoying the touristic city.

What about the famous castle?

The castle is still the main attraction of the trail. Every run starts from the centre and the last loop is crossing the rampart by a secret passage, not as secret as it was last year J

To sum up, why should we do this trail?

For the beauty of the cross, a technical one with a lot of difference in height and that’s a trail offering varied landscapes; crossing forests, fields, rivers and even a castle. It’s unusual so it’s worth doing it !