Betrail, what's that?

Betrail allows you to measure and compare performances in trail running. Betrail also proposes rankings of trail runners and a calendar of trail running races.
Your personal Betrail page

Betrail, where does that come from?

We are Mathieu and Matthieu (our parents are responsible for this). We are both professors in math (UCL) and Philosophy (EPHEC), and passionate about trail running. 

An idea to compare the incomparable...

In trail running it is difficult to measure your level and its evolution. Each race is unique. We have designed an algorithm that measure your performance (in %) achieved at a race. This is based on estimating the difficulty of a race.

One year of hard work under the scenes...

We have collected (nearly) all results of all trail races in Belgium of more than 15 kms. And we have tested our algorithm. After a year of work, we are proud to show the result!

What is Betrail?

More than 145.000 personal pages

The heart of Betrail is the personal page of each runner. It enables you to track your evolution, and share it with other runners. But Betrail is also a ranking of all trail runners acive in Belgium (for now!). 

Two scores: Betrail and Trailcup

For the rankings, we have two scores, each reflecting a different notion of excellence. The Betrail index aims at measuring the value of an athlete at its best, and takes into account the 3 best performances of the year. The second rewards those who run a lot, long-distance and fast races.  It takes into account all races completed within a year.

But not only!

We also propose an Ultra ranking that only takes into account race of 42kms or more. We also measure the difficulty of races, the level of participants for each race, etc...

Our values

We have created Betrail without external support, but we need you! Tell us about new races that are not yet in our calendar (on this page). Send us the race results, in Excel if possible. Send us uncopyrighted pictures. Send us articles for our blog, or race reports. Send us all that but also your remarks or suggestions to improve Betrail at :